Homosexuality Is Natural

It is true that in normal circumstances you need a man and a woman to found a family. The two genders complement each other in such a way that together they can produce offspring. No one can deny it. Heterosexuality – the bonding of the two opposite sexes – is natural. However, nature is complex. Scientific studies and human experience confirm that for some people a bonding between two men or between two women proves for them to be perfectly in harmony with nature. In their specific case it is perfectly natural.

Many people do not agree. They are upset and puzzled by this. We understand their concern and their way of thinking.

It does not help that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome – a major authority in the Catholic Church – condemns all homosexual acts. It  maintains that homosexual acts are intrinsically unnatural, always wrong, never acceptable in any circumstances, to be avoided by all individuals whatever their background or make-up. You can read their statements here.

They are wrong.

The purpose of this website is to publish research, ranging from genetics to theology, that provide the reasons for holding our view that, for some individuals, homosexuality is natural. We hope that these reasons will reassure seekers and help critics change their way of thinking.


At first sight, female and male physical makeup seem to dictate that bonding can only take between individuals of the opposite sex? However, scientific studies come to a different conclusion. Read more.

Some passages in Sacred Scripture, notably in Leviticus and in the letters of St Paul, seem to condemn homosexuality. Should that not provide definite guidance for Christians? However, a correct interpretation of these texts proves differently. Read more.


There are strong beliefs in certain Christian circles that declare homosexuality directly forbidden by God. It goes counter to Natural Law, they say, and is intrinsically evil. But what is Natural Law? Read more.

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