What Jesus Would Say to Homosexual Couples

Download for free Dr Aaron Milavec’s self-published ebook What Jesus Would Say to Homosexual Couples!

Aaron has served as a seminary and university professor of theology for over twenty-five years. His thousand-page commentary, The Didache: Faith, Hope, and Life of the Earliest Christian Communities, 50-7- C.E., received a 2004 Catholic Press Club award recognising the best books in theology. To date, Aaron has published twenty books in theology and ministry.

Review by Dr Joseph Martos, retired professor of philosophy and Roman Catholic theology:
“Milavec combines personal experience with academic scholarship to present a convincing case that same sex relationships can be healthy and wholesome for individuals, their families and society.
He is especially adept at contrasting the dogmatic views of fundamentalists, both Catholic and Protestant, with the more realistic attitudes and nuanced positions of people who give careful consideration to ideas about sexuality, relationships and parenthood that arise from personal experiences and from open-minded interactions with others. Especially revealing are the parallels he draws between Christian dogmatists, Muslim fundamentalists such as the Taliban, and the Pharisees described in the gospels.
Besides presenting his own views and arguing persuasively for them, Milavec also provides the reader with texts of documents and references to resources that can be used to delve more deeply into the issues raised in the book”

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