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Articles on Homosexuality and Related Topics

New Focus in Catholic Sexual Morality a bibliography
Recommended Books on Homosexuality  Book list & some quotations
Natural Law is Reason a statement justified by quotations from a number of theologians
 The Agony of Homosexuals – who supports them? Various quotations
 Homosexuality  and Natural Law  by John Wijngaards
 Homosexuality for Catholics?   by John Wijngaards
The Christian Enjoyment of Sex by John Wijngaards
When is Sex a Sin? by John Wijngaards
Touching Oneself -Masturbation- Self Gratification a Catholic View  by John Wijngaards
Is Sex Love? by John Wijngaards
Sex and Guilt by John Wijngaards
Voices that Challenge: lesbian and gay ministry in the Catholic Church – a vision for the Future A Statement by the Roman Catholic Caucus – Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement
The Methodological Anomaly of Catholic Sexual Ethics by Joseph Selling, 2013.
Is Homosexuality a Choice. by Marcia Malory, 2012
Reform of Catholic Teaching on Sexual Morality, a Youtube video by Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, retired Catholic bishop of Sydney, Australia, 2008
Same Sex Relationships and Issues of Moral Obligation by Margaret Farley, 2008.
A Catholic defense of Same Sex marriage, by Daniel Maguire, 2006
Catholics and Gay Relationships, by Simon Bryden-Brook, 2005
The Place of Silencing in the Teaching of the Church by Jeannine Gramick, 2000.
Natural and Divine Law. Some Specific Issues by Jean Porter, 1999
 New Directions in Sexual Ethics   (Index to book) by Kevin T.Kelly, 1998
Homosexuality by Elizabeth Stuart & Adrian Thatcher,
 Homosexuality and the “Unnaturalness Argument by Prof Burton M. Leiser